The Prince has Landed...
When Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) landed in Scotland in July 1745, he had but a handful of friends at his side. Within weeks however, he had raised an army of supporters in the Western Highlands and marched south to capture Edinburgh.

Against him stood a small but professional and well-equipped army of regular soldiers fighting for King George II. Led by Sir John Cope, the British Army in Scotland was composed mainly of young regiments without battle experience, but they had the advantages of traiing, firepower, cavalry and artillery.

Nevertheless, after a day of posturing and maneouvres, the redcoats were routed in the early morning on 21st September 1745 as the Highland Charge smashed its stunned ranks and sent the soldiers fleeing for their lives. Charles Edward had defied expectations to win the battle, and on the crest of his victory he launched an invasion of England which carried him to within days of the city of London...

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